Intuitive Listening and Communication Skills Course

SevaLight Retreat Centre for Self-Realization, Pure Meditation Healing & Counselling, Waiwera, Auckland

Course fee $750 (includes lunches). Accommodation is also available.

Whether you work in business, education, health, the performing arts, sales or hospitality.

Whether you are a manager, team member, parent or just want to work on yourself – this course will help you to realise your full potential in the area of communication and relationships.

This powerful 5-day self-development course will cover –

·         Understanding and using intuition.

·         Understanding yourself and others.

·         Ways to deal with your ego.

·         Being in charge of your reactions.

·         Self-mastery in communication.

·         Practical ways to look after your energy.

·         Communication and energy exchange.

·         How to look at and evaluate yourself.

·         Working with unconditional love.

·         Speaking and listening to the truth.

·         Talking in front of a group. 

·         Presentation &facilitation skills.

Participation in the various practical exercises will provide opportunities to learn from experience and try new ways of communicating. There will be ample opportunities for questions and to receive more specific help.

There are many factors that can impede our communication with others. Our ego, conditioning, preferences, prejudices, reactions and fear of the truth are but a few. This course will help you to identify these in yourself and give you ways to rise above them, in order to speak and listen with truth, wisdom and confidence.

Facing ourselves and our ego enables us to be who we truly are. The focus of this course will be on self-mastery, awareness, unconditional love and intuition. A deeper spiritual understanding of ourselves and others helps us to relate and communicate with more depth, love and understanding. To learn to do this is to improve our relationships with others, both professionally and personally.

The Intuitive Listening & Communication Skills Course is also the foundation course for the 3-year Intuitive Counselling Diploma CourseThis training provides the opportunity to take counselling and self-development to a highly advanced level. If you are interested in this and other courses please contact the Centre for more information.

SevaLight Retreat Centre for

Self-Realization, Pure Meditation

Healing & Counselling

Waiwera, Auckland, New Zealand

09 42 2404 Mobile 0210 812 1246

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