Pure Spiritual Healing Course

Professional Training (to Dip.PSpH. qualification)

Learn to work with pure healing energy
to help heal yourself and others

Internationally Recognised Professional Training at the SevaLight Retreat Centres for Self Realization, Pure Meditation, Healing & Counselling worldwide.

Pure Spiritual Healing

is the most natural and purist healing therapy. Coming down through the ages, healing is once again playing an important role in the wellbeing and development of humankind. It works well alongside conventional medicine as well as other complimentary therapies. There is much to learn and discover about this natural spiritual and scientific therapy.

The Training

consists of five in-depth class weeks/modules, with individual tutorials, case studies and healing practice over approximately 2 years, including an independent assessment. Upon successful completion, a diploma is awarded entitling the qualified healer to use DipPSpH. after their name, for professional purposes.

Please view our course syllabus below.

The SevaLight Retreat Centre for Self Realization, Pure Meditation, Healing & Counselling Waiwera, Auckland

is a professional training Centre, training students in the profession of Pure Spiritual Healing.

Please contact us or the SevaLight Retreat Centres worldwide for more information about this and other Professional Training Courses.

Ph: 09 421 1404 Mobile: 0210 812 1246

Email: info@waiwerameditationhealing.co.nz

Individual guidance for students is an important part of the course training. Regular Tutorials and Healing Refreshers are a vital part of this training to enable each student/ developing healer to reach their potential.

Advanced Healing Courses are available to qualified, experienced Pure Spiritual Healers who wish to develop even further in their Healing Practice.

In depth Pure Meditation and Intuitive Counselling courses are also offered. We see Meditation as an essential part of a healer’s training. Intuitive Counselling complements the practice of healing and is recommended as a separate training.

The SevaLight Retreat Centre for Self Realization, Pure Meditation, Healing & Counselling is committed to providing the best possible Healer Training to meet the needs of both clients and healers in our changing times. We also provide a professional membership organisation for our students and qualified therapists – SevaLight Associates Worldwide for Healing, Counselling & Yoga. With the aim of providing on-going support.

Our professional training course standards are ratified and registered with the Natural Health Practitioners of New Zealand. Professional insurance for both students and qualified healers is available through membership of the NHPNZ.

Outline of subjects covered in this course:

1. Qualities needed to be a healer.

2. Theory of Healing:
a. What Healing is.
b. How a Healer uses healing energy.
c. History of Healing.
d. Healing, promotion of health & prevention of illness.
e. Winged Prayer.

3. Energy Bodies:
a. Physical – Emotional – Causal.
b. Auras.
c. Vortices/chakras.
d. Meridians.
e. Flow of life’s energy.
f. Healing Reactions, Illness & How Energy Blocks Clear.

4. Special Patients and Healing:
a. Children & Babies.
b. Pregnant Women.
c. Emotional or Mentally unstable people, including those affected by drugs.

5. Practical work:
a. Healing Movements.
b. General.
c. Specific.
d. Care of patient during healing.
e. Healing practise.
f. Ongoing appraisal and feedback.
g. Body & posture awareness for the healer.

6. Consultations ~ this is not counselling:
a. Purpose and theory.
b. Practise.
c. Ongoing appraisal and feedback.

7. Advice to Patients:
a. Homework.
b. Diet & Nutrition (basic).
c. Breathing Exercises.
d. Enhancing of healing.
e. Relaxation.
f. Aura Cleansing.
g. Energy care.
h. Exercise – general.
i. Visualisation & Relaxation.
j. Affirmations.

8. Spiritual Knowledge Essential to Healers:
a. Karma & Reincarnation in relation to healing.
b. Cosmology and the Evolution of Humanity.
c. Meditation and its benefits.
d. Kundalini: its uses & dangers.
e. Understanding the difference between psychic and spiritual.
f. Awareness of Psychic Energy and its dangers.
g. Birth & Death in relation to Healing.

9. Care of Healers’ Energy:
a. Realization & Mastery of Self.
b. Working to be rid of Ego.
c. Emotions in relation to healing – how to be in charge.
d. Breathing Exercises.
e. Preparation & Attunement.
f. Covering over & Protection.
g. Structure of healing day.
h. Influences to avoid.
i. Food, diet and healing.
j. Sexual Energy.

10. Professionalism and Administration:
a. Ethics & the Law.
b. Code of Conduct.
c. Insurance.
d. Ethics of healer/patient relationship.
e. Healer/patient boundaries.
f. People not to treat.
g. Relationships with other Practitioners and the Medical Profession.
h. Establishing a Practice.
i. Confidentiality.
j. Presentation.
k. Record keeping.
l. Advertising.

11. Biology:
All taught as a co-ordinated topic and in relation to both Western Science and the Holistic Energy model.
a. Anatomy – of the major systems of the body.
b. Physiology – of the major systems of the body.
c. Biology of Disease.
d. Drugs.

12. Other Complementary Therapies and their relation to healing.

13. Students progress review: individual tutorials.

a. Theory.
b. Healing practice.
c. Consultation practice.
d. Ongoing support & advice.

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