Pure Spiritual Healing

uses gentle, yet powerful, healing energy to bring balance and harmony to the whole being. Stress, emotional and environmental factors take their toll and frequently compromise our bodies own ability to balance itself and sustain health. Pure Spiritual Healing helps to reestablish wellbeing on every level by providing our inner being with the boost it needs to function fully. Healing treats the whole person not just the dis-ease.

The benefits of Pure Spiritual Healing

  • Help maintain optimum health
  • Energy care and balance
  • Supports the body’s own inner healing and immune system
  • Nourishes body, mind and spirit
  • Works well alongside many other therapies and medical treatment

Pure Spiritual Healing is good for everyone

  • All people of all ages, from babies to the elderly
  • Any condition or state of health
  • Before and after surgery
  • After an accident or shock
  • In recovery from illness
  • During major life changes
  • To help with self-development

Your appointment

will begin with a consultation to help you and your healer understand your condition/health issues at a deeper level. Lifestyle, dietary, exercise or other advice or suggestions may be given. You may be taught appropriate breathing, relaxation and energy care exercises to help you take care of your health, manage stress and improve your quality of life.

This will be followed by a healing, lying on the healing table after removing only your shoes and jewellery.  The second part of the healing will take place seated on a stool. For those who prefer, the whole healing can take place sitting on a chair and stool. Most people experience the healing energy as being very relaxing and gentle. The results can be powerful and far reaching.


To make an appointment or find out more email info@waiwerameditationhealing.co.nz

Or phone 09 421 1404 or mobile 0210 812 1246.

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