Intuitive Counselling/Coaching

Intuitive Counselling/Coaching helps you to live to your true potential, whatever your role in life. We are all capable of far more than we realise, and Intuitive Counselling/Coaching can enable us to develop more fully – living, relating and working to our best. To do this we need to be free of old ways of thinking, or habits that are no longer serving us. Then we can become the person we were always meant to be.

The benefits of Intuitive Counselling/Coaching

  • Self-empowerment.
  • The ability to make wiser life choices.
  • Better understanding of yourself and others.
  • Assistance to reach your true potential.
  • Freedom from habits, conditioning and unhelpful behaviours.
  • Practical tools/techniques to help navigate life and manage stress.

Intuitive Counselling/Coaching is good for everyone

  • All people of any age, background or position in life.
  • Individuals, couples, families, children and teenagers.
  • Businesspeople, teachers, care workers or other professionals.
  • For physical, mental or emotional health issues.
  • Those seeking spiritual guidance or understanding without bias.

Intuitive Counselling/Coaching appointments

  • Your Progressive Counsellor/Coach will work with unconditional love, without judgement, to help you find what is right and true for you.
  • You will be helped to identify where you are feeling stuck and how to move forward.
  • You will receive help to unravel your own thoughts, views, beliefs and feelings.
  • You will be helped to learn from, let go of and heal from past experiences.
  • The emphasis will be on empowering you to reach your potential and live your life fully.

Making an Intuitive Counselling/Coaching appointment

Intuitive Counselling/Coaching is available at the SevaLight Retreat Centre in Waiwera by appointment. (Also, via zoom, skype or phone)

Please contact

Or phone 09 421 1404 or mobile 0210 812 1246

Inquiries and questions are always welcome

Where appropriate home and business visits are available. 

Your Intuitive Counsellor/Coach

Mananda Carrigan Dip ICouns

Is fully qualified, with a Diploma in Intuitive Counselling/Coaching.

She has over 20 years’ experience.

Plus –

  • Diploma in Pure Spiritual Healing
  • Teaching Diploma in SevaLight Hatha Yoga

Teaching Certificates in –

  • Pure Meditative Peace
  • Energy Care & Wellbeing
  • Spiritual Knowledge & Philosophy

She is a member of –

  • SevaLight Associates Worldwide
  • NHPNZ (Natural Health Practitioners NZ)
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